Minecraft 1.0.0 WizardCraft 1.0.0 Mod

WizardCraft 1.0.0 Mod – Download Minecraft WizardCraft Mod. WizardCraft adds RPG style magic to minecraft. It gives you a Mana bar and allows you to craft and enchant Elemental Staffs that use your mana to cast spells with varying effects. WizardCraft is a reinvention of the Minecraft Magic Mod. Officially it is Minecraft Magic Version 3, however, due to the extensive changes to the code and the design of the mod especially WizardCraft 1.0.0.

Minecraft Mod WizardCraft 1.0.0

WizardCraft 1.0.0 Mod Controls

v: Opens the Spell Selection Screen while holding a Staff
C: Scrolls through the available spells while holding a Staff
R: Activates or Deactivates Magic Armor abilities while equiped.

WizardCraft 1.0.0 Mod Future Updates

  • Master Level Spells
  • Epic Level Spells
  • Some new Mobs (Summonable mobs that also spawn in the wild)
  • Enchantable Weapons and tools
  • Floo Powder! (To celebrate the finale of Harry Potter)

Thank to TheMorgeh for makes this awesome WizardCraft 1.0.0 Mod

WizardCraft 1.0.0 Mod Install Tutorial

  1. It is always good to backup minecraft before instaling a new mod.
  2. Install the latest modloader.
  3. Delete META-INF from the minecraft.jar
  4. Move the files from the “CastleDefese.rar” to bin/mincraft.jar. Use Winrar to open minecraft.jar.
  5. Play

Download WizardCraft 1.0.0 Mod

We still looking for latest updates for both features and detail information about WizardCraft 1.0.0 Mod, so to those of you whose already using WizardCraft 1.0.0 Mod can share some tips, trick of even tutorial and please do not be hesitate, feel free to. OK minecraft, this is it, until next post on another minecraft things we need to know. See you soon guys and thank you for visiting my post about WizardCraft 1.0.0

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