Minecraft 1.1.0 Uranium 1.1.0 Mod

Uranium 1.1.0 Mod – Download Minecraft 1.1.0 Uranium Mod. With this mod you can adds a new ore to freshly generated chunks, Uranium Ore! Uranium Ore is a low-level radioactive ore that will damage you upon contanct, taking two hearts! When mined, Uranium Ore drops two to three Uranium Dust, which is a very valuable and useful item. You can craft a highly radioactive block, a Uranium Block, by crafting nine Uranium Dust! Uranium Blocks are highly dangerous, and glow very brightly. Upon contact, they take five hearts! It’s a very useful tool for protecting your haven from mobs!

Minecraft Uranium 1.1.0 Mod

Thank to book for makes this awesome Uranium 1.1.0 Mod

Uranium 1.1.0 Mod Changelogs :

  • Mutants will not despawn if you switch to Peaceful
  • Mutants will have a random Wooden tool in their hand instead of just an axe
  • Reactors no longer can react Cobblestone into Obsidian
  • Reactors have a random change of exploding unless ‘cooled’
  • Mutigen renamed to Mutated Flesh, must extract Mutigen with a Brewing Stand
  • No longer able to craft Mutigen, must get it from Mutant mobs
  • Tweaks to the dynamics of nuclear explosions
  • Evil mutant animals
  • Latest announcement in the UraniumMod GUI Menu
  • Geiger counter, maybe
  • Hazmat suit, maybe

Uranium 1.1.0 Mod Install Tutorial for Minecraft 1.1.0

  1. Always back-up your minecraft.jar.
  2. Start with a fresh minecraft.jar.
  3. Open start>run>%appdata%>.minecraft>bins> Open Minecraft.jar by using winrar or 7zip.
  4. Delete META-INF inside minecraft.jar.
  5. Download and install Modloader, Test Minecraft make sure it doesn’t go black. Drag all the contents inside Modloader into Minecraft.jar opened by winrar or 7zip.
  6. Download Uranium 1.1.0 Mod.
  7. Drag the TrainConfig.txt into .minecraft folder.
  8. Merge the resources folder inside Trains Zip file and the resources folder inside .minecraft.
  9. Then open the folder “jar files” inside trains zip file.
  10. Drag all the contents inside jar files and drag it into minecraft.jar that was opened by winrar or 7zip.

Download Uranium 1.1.0 Mod for Minecraft 1.1.0

What about Uranium 1.1.0 Mod latest features and other details? you guys whose already using this mod can help to share your experiences by comment below. Ok guys, we are already at the end of post. Until next time and have good time with. See you soon on another minecraft mod category and thank you for visiting my post about Uranium 1.1.0 Mod

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