Minecraft 1.2.5 RedPower Mod 1.2.5

RedPower Mod 1.2.5 – Download Minecraft 1.2.5 RedPower Mod. Hello minecrafters! do you looking for popular mods? here RedPower Mod make by Elooram. With this this mod adds many new very useful items to minecraft such as wires, logic’s and lighting. This mod is a must have in any serious minecrafter, giving you many new abilities to create great contraptions.

Minecraft RedPower Mod 1.2.5

RedPower Mod 1.2.5 Changelogs

  • Fixed crash when Wiring is not installed.
  • Redwires no longer placing on hollow covers.
  • Timers resetting on chunk load or player entry or something.
  • Repeaters now have the right connection sides.
  • Changing the input states of a tile updates neighbors again.
  • Jacketed wires render properly next to levers.
  • Jacketed wires no longer accept indirect power.
  • Fixed bad caching in SMP.
  • Can no longer burn RP items in furnace.
  • Jacketed wire cover placements fixed.
  • Hollow slabs block jacketed wires properly.
  • Wires pop off covers when the covers are upgraded to wire blocks.
  • Things breaking from unloaded chunks in SMP.
  • Underwater placement

RedPower Mod 1.2.5 Features

  • New Blutricity energy net.
  • Added Battery Boxes.
  • Added Voltmeter.
  • Added Sorting Machine.
  • Added Retriever.
  • Added Buffer.
  • Added Paint Cans/Brushes.
  • Added Redstone Tubes.
  • Added partial support for Creative mode.

RedPower Mod 1.2.5 Bug Fixes

  • Rubber trees now have a fast mode.
  • Fixed infinite backstuffing.
  • Fixed machine freezing.
  • Fixed covers on logic turning into cobble.
  • Fixed ore generation patterns.
  • Fixed a major loss of framerate in SMP with tubes.

Thank to Eloraam for makes this awesome RedPower Mod 1.2.5, Please Support the mod at the forum. We really appreciate your mod and enjoy playing minecraft with your mod

RedPower Mod 1.2.5 Install Tutorial for Minecraft 1.2.5

  1. Install ModLoader.
  2. Install ModLoaderMp Client.
  3. Install Minecraft Forge.
  4. Put Files from “Source” in Minecraft.jar
  5. Delete “Meta-Inf”.
  6. Play Minecraft

Download RedPower Mod 1.2.5 for Minecraft 1.2.5

We still looking for latest updates for both features and detail information about RedPower Mod 1.2.5, so to those of you whose already using RedPower Mod 1.2.5 can share some tips, trick of even tutorial and please do not be hesitate, feel free to. OK minecraft, this is it, until next post on another minecraft things we need to know. See you soon guys and thank you for visiting my post about RedPower Mod 1.2.5


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