Minecraft 1.1.0 Paintball Mod 1.1

Paintball Mod 1.1 – Download Minecraft 1.1.0 Paintball Mod. Hello minecrafters! today i’ll post about my favorite mod called Paintball Mod. This mod adds a few new items to the game: full red and blue armor sets, both red and blue paintball base blocks, pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, snipers, grenades, claymores, and pellets. So guys! want to download and install this mod? don’t worry because we have put download and install tutorial for Paintball Mod 1.1

Minecraft Paintball Mod 1.1

Paintball Mod 1.1 Changelogs v3.2

  • Updated to 1.1.0
  • Added Scanners
  • Added Launchers
  • Updated SMP
  • Increased pellet speed
  • Renamed the armor pieces

Thank to lKinx for makes this awesome Paintball Mod 1.1. You rock guys! your mods very helpfull for us, because some times we need your mod for installing another mods.

Paintball Mod 1.1 Install Tutorial for Minecraft 1.1.0

  1. Download PaintballInstallerClient.zip, open it, and run the installer.
  2. Download and install ModLoader and Audiomod
  3. Delete the META-INF!
  4. Download and install ModLoaderMP Client
  5. Play Paintball!

Download Paintball Mod 1.1 for Minecraft 1.1.0

Client Installer

Client Files

Server Installer

Server Files

When you click download, you will see a countdown in the upper right corner which will turn into SKIP THIS AD. Just wait for the SKIP and click it, you must have javascript and cookies enabled.

We still looking for latest updates for both features and detail information about Paintball Mod 1.1, so to those of you whose already using this mod can share some tips, trick of even tutorial and please do not be hesitate, feel free to. OK minecraft, this is it, until next post on another minecraft things we need to know. See you soon guys and thank you for visiting my post about Paintball Mod 1.1

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