Minecraft Cheat Pack 1.0.0 Mod

Cheat Pack 1.0.0 Mod – Downlaod Minecraft Cheat Pack Mod. This is a new mod for Minecraft 1.0.0 that lets you cheat and get Enchantments and Potions easier. At this mod enchantments still work if you stop using the mod. Like on a fresh .jar if you import one of the maps you used this mod on, is it playable with the enchantments? yes it is If you cheat you a block and deinstall it, then the block is still there. So guys want to install this Cheat Pack 1.0.0 Mod ?

Minecraft Mod Cheat Pack 1.0.0

Cheat Pack 1.0.0 Mod Features

  • Enchantments: Type, Level
  • Potion Effects: Type, Level, Duration
  • Experience: Level, Percent to next Level
  • Food Stats: Level (Hunger), Saturation, Exhaustion

Cheat Pack 1.0.0 Mod Updates :

  • Doesn’t need ModLoader or other stuff
  • Potions with custom Effects can’t be saved
  • The features in the gui “More Options” can’t be saved (yet)
  • Fortune Level >3 crashes minecraft when mining gravel.

Cheat Pack 1.0.0 Mod Install tutorial

  1. Risugami’s ModLoader (now not needed this mod)
  2. Unzip the ChristmasCraft download, and you will find ChristmasCraft_client.jar file and a “resources” folder
  3. Copy ChristmasCraft_client.jar into your “.minecraft/mods/” directory
  4. Copy the “resources” folder into your “.minecraft/” directory, merging it with the existing “resources” folder
  5. Spread some Christmas cheer!

Download Cheat Pack 1.0.0 Mod

What about Cheat Pack 1.0.0 Mod latest features and other details? you guys whose already using this mod can help to share your experiences by comment below. Ok guys, we are already at the end of post. Until next time and have good time with. See you soon on another minecraft mod category and thank you for visiting my post about Cheat Pack 1.0.0

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